Ramblings of a Madman

To the cause of this madness,

 I’m all alone here. It’s dark. This room I’m in, is it safe? Will it provide refuge? No. There is no refuge here. These confines are weak and unstable. I hear scratching against the floor. Someone is trying to enter from below. Who is it? Who could it be? EVERYONE. Everyone is trying to enter this sanctum. They want to own it, to mold it,  change it to suit them. The politicians, the peers, the friends, the family, the educators, society wants to change everything, to have everything. Everyone wants everyone else to be a part of their clique, their group, their society. I can’t breathe. The thought of what’s going on is nauseating. The assimilation of everyone possible is unbelievable. Can it happen? How would it? Is there not someone who would stand out against this? This systematic termination of one’s will, forcing one to conform to another’s beliefs and opinions, does it not make you sick? Does it please you? It must because you won’t stop it. You stand by idle and watch as a beautiful work of art is sullied and branded. The irony of it all is that the art branded itself. The art chose to become sullied. The world chose to become a dingy grey, where everyone is just another shade of grey. WAKE UP. Air fills my lungs for a brief moment and more scratching follows. I hear it coming from the walls, the ceilings, the door. I didn’t notice that door earlier. Is it locked? Will it protect me from the demons? No. The demons always reach me. They always tell me I will fail. They say success is unattainable and I believe them. How can I not? This train wreck will never fix itself. This plane will not reverse its crash. This ship will continue to sink. I’m scared. What they say doesn’t scare me, but why they say it does. Am I destined for failure because I am alone in the dark? Is it because I’m different? Does my refusal to conform double as a repellant to anything human? Humanity is inhuman so why must I be human? Hypocrisy is the truth everyone lives under and freedom is the lie every soul believes in. There is no such thing as freedom. No such thing as peace exists. How could it? What reason do I have to believe in such things? You all murder your murderers and imprison those you condemn until you yourself are condemned as well. A never ending cycle that I refuse to be a part of. Humanity is so childish. You trade in spears for cell phones, and freedom for security. I remember back when you threw rocks at a man to hurt him. Now, you throw words over social media to him and his friends. RELEASE ME. My lungs burn and the darkness swirls around me, encasing me within another layer of shadows. When did the time come to trade in the destruction of the physical form for the destruction of the mental and emotional form? Why is every man’s individuality on trial and why is every other man part of the jury? I refuse to be sentenced by you. I refuse to be silenced by you. I refuse to be like you. The doorknob is wobbling. Someone is trying to enter. They all are. I hear them loud and clearly. They scream through the walls, the floors, the ceiling, and through the door. They say I’m insane. Who are they to judge me? Who has the power, the ability to gauge a man’s sanity? Deep within every heart is a shred of insanity, and deeper within lies the urge to unleash it. It won’t be long now until the genocide of enigmas is complete. It won’t be long now until the end. SAVE ME. I don’t need to breathe. The darkness is filling my lungs. I am losing feeling. The door is cracking open. What’s behind it? Who will stand there at the doorway to my haven? Is it a demon? Is it an assimilator here to crucify my individuality? The door is open. Before the darkness consumes my sight, I am greeted by a horrific image: the image of me. My body, bent and twisted and maliciously mutilated, enters the room. CONFORM. I won’t. The horrific me stretches his hand out to me. I won’t take it. I’d rather succumb to the darkness. Everything begins to fade to black as the banging on the walls turn into the cracking of wood. Everyone is coming in. My demons, my assimilators, my hatred all enter at once. The confines are broken. This room, my escape, my mind, it’s all gone. The darkness pulsates with satisfaction. ACCEPT ME.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Maisie R


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