Rainswept Memories

Into late night thoughts 

my mind so often drifts to place I once had been

that is no sin 

but my silence reveal so much more 

in the majority of the lying eyes ,


I once had crossed the border of true Love

summer was once a beautful thing to see 

way before autumn and its leaves

my eyes do look around the drawbridge of time

when the moon came out too soon

oh rain thoughts herald into my mind

whising I was back in that time 

when true love was on my side,


but now all I can see is the pains of rainswept lands 

that are all around me ;

where tears of ancient memories will never erase 

from the land of time when love was with me

I will always hold the vistions of hope 

where the light shines through my eyes

just to let me know I shell never let go ,


even when Dark Angel messes with my life 

memories are the sandles of true developments 

of understandings of ancient memories ;

I had freed myself everytime I think of true love

but now I hold silence beyond intellectual dignity

that weeps rainswept pains that remans over me.


Poetic Lilly Emery(c)


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