Rain's Dance

The city bright and sweet

Reflecting the drops of rain

The paved stones glitter with amusement


Usually alive but now slowly dying

Night is smiling, finally set free
This is her time to shine 
Rain joins her; weeping tears of joy


It might not be a parade 
Just two old friends dancing on the streets

Embracing as the other elements walk by


Rain takes Night's hand and dances
Twirling the dark in her embrace
If only they could wander 
Alone on the slippery streets


With summer's end 
These two friends 
Can watch the fading sky
As winter crawls along, slowly in its dream


Sleepy tunes can make Rain drool
As Night escapes her slumber
To get away on a dewy day
Makes these two seem much older


Time must pass 
So Rain departs 
To shelter where it’s colder


Their hours of dancing 
Leaves its mark 
Right there on the city’s streets
Footsteps lingering in the puddled pavement
Traces of tonight’s dream


You’ll never see these two dance
Since humans have lost their magic 
But you’ll notice something different each time you wake up
A sight to see the ground so green
The city left in splendour



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