Dear human population of planet Earth,


A single raindrop slips from the clouds

plummets through the air

and lands on the windshield

Of your 2014 Subaru Forester


Failing to catch your eye

It slides down the glass

Skims the white-painted metal and

drips off

just below your license plate


The raindrop splats onto the asphalt

Fulfilling its sole purpose:

To sit there waiting

In that exact spot




And while the raindrop waits there

It realizes that its true purpose

Up until that moment

Had been much more significant

Much larger and much more important

Than waiting


It remembers the other raindrops

How they would describe

Dripping off of blades of emerald grass

being absorbed by rich soil

Swimming through roots and stems

And being entirely pure


But this raindrop

Sealed off and blacked out

Never even got the chance

The opportunity

The possibility

Of purity


This raindrop

Is infected






It is quite disappointing

You see

Since its intentions were pure


But that’s the thing about reality

The intention doesn’t always align with the result.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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