Rain as a Mirror of self


Water attracted to water, becoming more and more itself until the sky herself cannot hold the forces away. The culmination of these events can lead us to a rather beautiful metaphor. For the self is attracted to the self. How do we find ourselves in the rain? Quite simply. With an easy glance we find that rain is not merely simple drops from the sky, but rather something deeper than even nature itself.



The farmer see his cornfields flood. “My crops will be excellent this year!” exclaims the farmer. He is excited and ready to begin the harvest


The depressed man sees the gray form in the sky above; “if only the flood waters could drown me away” wished the man.


The child dances in the street, feeling her clothes get more and more wet. Without a care she says to herself “I could do this forever!”


The bride hears the drops upon the chapel. She attempts to imagine her future life “I cannot” she says to her mother


The water dog leaps happily in the downpour “this is what she was made for.” An owner says to a disapproving wife


The lovers locks eyes and after a moment he says to her “excuse the cliché”, as they embrace


The drops fall upon the casket. The orphan looks to the sky “Even God mourns alongside me” he thinks


The water trickles down the stain glass window, the priest notices and recites “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”


The downpour can be heard outside the studio. “im fired” the weatherman laments




This is where the metaphor breaks down. For the sky can only hold herself for so long. Eventually the sky begrudgingly relents her storehouse and eventually even the mightiest downpours cease. But mankind is not the same, we hold ourselves infinitely. Where nature has her limits mankind sees no limit, and the self continues to build.

The sun breaks the clouds apart and shines her light



The farmer sweats over his crops, seeing to it that they are taken care of. “MY crops will be great this year!” he exclaims, ready to beign the harvest


The Depressed man sees the white hotness of the sun. he playfully imagines “ if only the flames would consume me”



The Child plays in the grass without no concern for her clothing. “I could do this forever” she thinks to herself


The bride sees her fiancé in the day light, his color the darkest. She regrets her engagment


The dog gets dirty outside. “this is what she was made for” the owner says to an objecting wife


The lovers stay in the shade. Their eyes lock and they quickly embrace


The orphan mourns his parents, his only hope that God sheds his light


The Priest notes the sunshine bursting throught the window and recites “He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”


And even with the attendance of the sun, the weatherman is still bound to be fired.

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