Rain and Happiness

My mother takes the children out to play.

With their jackets zipped up

And their shoes tied tight,

They run into the field of grass,

While I sit and ponder if I should stay.


For the weather seems mean today

But who am I to judge the sky,

For it wanting to sing it's sad song.


The sky starts to crackle with life

The thunder and lightning began to strike,

And then down comes the rain,

Kissing the ground and making it sweet,

Making sure everything has drank its’ fill.


It fills me with liveliness

As I step outside in the summer rain,

I laugh as I become drenched in the water,

And my hair sticks to my face

Storms never fail to make me grin.


The kids run by,

And sends more water towards me,

From the puddles that were sitting,

In the miniature ponds that were formed,

From the falling rain drops from the sky.


So I laugh and take chase,

In some sort of silly game,

Where we play tag and jump in each of the puddles,

Making sure one another gets tagged,

Never leaving anyone behind or alone,

And that’s the one of the best parts of a storm.


Whether it be,

A strong storm in the middle of the night,

That makes trees wheezes and moan

Or a storm that softly let’s the rain down from the sky,

Where you can sit on your porch and sip your drink.

Or a storm that is relaxing when the rain pitter-patters against the window

And you slowly fall asleep from the sound,

As that is the most relaxing.

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