Sweetly, the rain falls on my yearning face.

Softly, it tumbles and fills the air.

Who can stop this gentle waterfall?

Who can control the sorrowful clouds?

It touches my skin with the coolness of heaven.

Slowly, ever slowly, it brings life back again.

The parched and thirsty rise to meet it,

Each searching for their own contentment.

It drips, ever moving,

Creating a musical masterpiece to fill the evening air.

Always different,

Never repeating its magical call.

The hotness is stripped away,

Comfort is found in its coolness.

Crying clouds drop their tears to the waiting earth.

The moon slowly ascends to watch and comfort the weeping mass.

Heaven dabs away the tears.

Quietness finds the sky.

Stars come out of their celestial hiding places.

Rising to fill the sky,

Never stopping,

Until each find its own place to shine.

Slowly replaced,

Hiding again from mortal eyes,

Something brighter appears,

Something even more beautifully painted,

Something so dazzling,

So perfect.

A new dawning day,

A smile from heaven.


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