Sun, 08/25/2019 - 01:54 -- Samkolo

Lightening and thundering in the heavens. Aves scatter about in the darkening skies,  in search of refuge. It will rain and the birds foot shall not touch water. The rivers soon to go into unrest.
At times we tarry awhile for your arrival, other times you come uninvited:
Breaking the soil in violence
Drizzling continuously varying neither in volume nor speed.
On such days,  when you rain screaming cats and drowning fishes,  The sun in no circumstances say good morning or else Bon nuit. Telling time become a watch's sole dutey. The clouds wear a blackish grey cloth like an Ibo woman mourning the death of her husband who died young and rich. In the square go slow....
Horns honk
Head and rare lights blare
Red and orange- yellow at different intervals port hole well into streams gutters sing melancholic songs in a rush whilst the drainage systems become insufficient leaving part of the city water logged. Pubs, bars, mini bars are littered with both pile of burnt cigarette ends emptied bottles and people mos sickly from the cold. Wearing thick sweaters hand gloves shoes.....  As well as exploiting all avenue to fornicate

Whilst in the rural settlement (the landlord)  A farmers one true nightmares come to life.  A very sour and sad reality. The lepers aged and women are grateful for water. Rain water. The fisherman stays ashore, content a hunter's game, Halt
Rain is a blessing and a curse....?
But when its torrent, implies the gods displeasure with man
A conjurers avenue to getting fatten

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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