Trickles down my window pane,

Reminding me that it's okay,

To cry sometimes.

Your brave face cracks like thunder,

Leaving you to wonder,

If it's okay to let it melt away,

Like sugar in the rain.

Tears cascade down your face like rain off branches.

Your heart has had all it can take, 

And the floodgate breaks.

Emotion and pain pouring from you like rain out of a gutter,

A reflection of sorrow shoved under,

The skin for too long.

And theres nothing wrong, with that.

Like rain washes away dirt,

Tears wash away hurt.

Rain makes everything green,

Tears allow you to see,

Hope and wash your emotions clean.

You can't erase the struggles,

But you can still splash in the puddles.

You'll be alright, 

You know how I know?

Because after every rain,

Comes a rainbow.

The next time you're sad,

Remenber crying isn't bad.

Let the pain pour out,

Let the rain fall down.

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Our world
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