Rage and Pain

Rage.. as I begin to flip the pages of my unfinished book called life I begin to think that I have lived nothing, loved nothing and most of all learned nothing. It enrages me to see my sisters and brothers not being able to feed their kids, brought only pain , misery and tears throughout the years.Pain, the pain my community feels to learn that one of their own, shot down before they even get a chance to get grown.Even when that child was just minding their own.Pain I feel as my earth cries out slowly dying beneath my feet.. Becoming a wasteland of misery our children will have to inherit, with no direction they have to endure and grin and bear it . Pain I feel as I begin to see as drugs kill my community. Pain as I see  dope feinds wipe their noses clean as a disease spreads through my community destroying families.Uplifting mine enemies.Pain and rage is a deadly combination.. bad thing is this stuff infects our very nation .


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