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It's my temper, it has been building
And now it's reach the utmost capacity
Life as we know it is a catastrophe
I'm falling down now and I'm hurt mad I can't explain it, is it jealousy?
Green eyed monster glared at me
Confrontation, my titanic hit an ice berg, it's name was hypocrisy
P.A told me that I wasn't practicing what I was preachin
So demeaning, made the green come out from within 
Me arguing at you happened and now I don't know what lies in the future for us
 I'm tripping, I'm mad, whatever.
I'm just praying to God now for better weather
f it, sail in the ocean
Think it's about you, this poem
don't trip it's my sanctuary, leave me at my ventin 
While you go get your rest in...
Deuces while you keep ya bissin, in full circle motion 
Here lies the end of my mopin


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