Radiating New

Lips, pierced, lined but swollen. Eyes narrowed, but your content was stolen. Purple outlines, slits along my jaw, like nails they scrape but my eyes, they call. Bruised, battered, but ready, and steady in adrenaline that is nothing but pure rush.They think they will win, but they're marks are but a brush.

Ribs may crack, but a devious grin with stay in tack upon my ever so seen attack like features, because I lack the will to pretend I will never pack to reach hers. Sharp intakes, my heart is spastic, your fists be plastic, cause your endurance screams I passed it, no last spit, I just smashed shit.

Assume me to be ended and bended but I feel mended, transcended, nothing left in me to be lended. They herd together around myself as if they believe me to be finished, but what they do not realize is, my strength never once diminished. They give me all they have, attack every single wound possibly seen, kick the spleen, show me mean, but never once did my face become green.

I am deception, the wicked, but also the beast. Silently waiting, till my prey gives me all their strength in one mistaking release before my reign will begin and never cease. Take the abuse, excited, even welcome the sensation, I am the mutation, from prey like temptation, bringing my predators down to their damnation, no salvation, become my nation, once my enemy, now under my dictation. Power is not only being able to conquer those who afflict and challenge your rule, it is to change the stats, become the rats, use the bats and destroy with only your wits and might as your tool. Lose, but know you can come back from any out numbered duel.

To be the queen is more than just battling to the last host, it is to change the odds and let them boast, come at you, attempt to let your rep be toast, but wait your turn..... And add the most, will determined, and ready to roast.

Let the offense be spoken, before the payment for the crime is out and their attack is broken. Power, and mind connect in more ways then even you assume, because separation of rationalization will only lead you to doom.

So I stand, lips split, ribs nicked, and skin marked blue.... But as you ran.... I never questioned who, because I have strength... And it's still greater than this crew.. Cause I am bleeding and broken.. Radiating new.


This was for a contest that I joined in a poetry group where all the females were suppose to pick any type of insect (Spiders were aloud, so anything else like that was as well.) and we were to become our insect through this contest. The object of the contest was to find the queen of the hive, A.K.A The Queen Bee, or the alpha female. The point of choosing another insect was to give ourselves a mask in which we would wear if we stormed the hive and took over.

This was the first round of the contest which we were suppose to write in a way as to why we believed we should be the queen, or make it known and make yourself stand out.

I won gold, and have made it from 20 contestants down to the final two. I ended up choosing the SCORPION and going with the attack of which I would not be queen of the hives, but the dictator Scorpion queen... XD We are currently still in the contest but this was my gold poem, this was what I saw being the queen meant. I hope you enjoy.


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