Sat, 04/14/2018 - 13:42 -- cjbh98

Like a raging fire fueled by the gasoline of hatred, my soul hungers for revenge. Nothing burns hotter than the flame inside of a scorned woman. It destroys anything with the audacity to endure the heat. This ravenous blaze can not be quenched by any resource known to man. My soul refuses to relinquish the very thoughts that feed my anger. This hot, burning, searing pain that resides in me yearns to lash out to others. Yet this uncontrollable inferno remains contained deep in the trenches of my heart. And as my feelings go up in smoke, this incandescent ruse continues to flare. The intensity of this fiery flicker only grows as life kindles it daily. The gleam of my darkest desires lights the path of a scintillating destiny. The glow of my soul fire will forever show me the way just as long as I do not explode into the ashes of misery.

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