Racism and criticism

This is the story of a brother
Who lived and died unfairly.

This world is somehow crazy
And most of our leaders are lazy.
The society operated in  criticisms
and allowed racisms.
Companies are  corrupted
The environment is  polluted.

Your death was so slow,
and I could feel how
you wished to grow.
But this foe perched  on your face
not permitting you to make pace.

You barely  attempted to breath in air,
still your punishment wasn't fair.
Your death was skillfully made up.
Sorry, if we couldn't
support you to stand up.

But with your final breath
you  eventually took from earth.
"Your last words, I can't breathe."
But it was too late
for  your fate
When you couldn't
say goodbye on that date.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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