Race Does Not EXIST!

Race does not exist

O really than explain slavery
The chains that tore so many cultures apart to put them together
Flocked like feathers
Removed our shine..turning us into hidden treasures
Discrimination with no measure
Whites and colored only signs
Did u really want us to forget the bus we once upon a time sat behind
The ropes you used to whip us that only made us stronger with time
U can sing here but leave that upitty negro spirit behind
Explain the minstrel shows and performing arts
Charcoal on our face because u didn't see any different  shade but dark
How could a man with no color play one with some part
Theatre this where yall gave us our start
Explain the cocaine that was only put in certain neighborhoods as a trap
My brothers and sisters tip toeing around fast money falling into the systems trap
The guns that were brought in to teach us this is what it looks like to be strapped
What about the poverty that we have to face
Some people aren't good enough to live in that place
Have you ever stood in ruby bridges space
The bus to the suburbs you gotta chase
Because that type of education don't exist in my hood
Explain the cops that throw one stereotype on us because the beauty that is miss understood
Explain malcolm x and martin luther king assassination
I would love to hear that explanation
Can you even define segregation or did you skip right to the part of integration
My poor little nation
Seeing us weak gives someone else sensation
Explain the statistical practice of prison
Or the systems measurements in sentence
For the same crime, why only one group doesn't need an witness
Mind ya business no that is muthufucka this is my business
Why is it one group of people do less time or none at all huh
Explain the word thugs
I guess this is the part where u shrug
Because we show know who they are
Then explain to me what color  these mass murderers are
Explain to me the word nigger and coon
Don't remember that tune
3am now Ill give you until noon
Then ill resume and see if you have an answer for a question you are not use to
Explain oppression
Explain the central park 5 confession
Was ol girl really trying to teach those babies a lesson
Our words have always been their strongest weapon
Because we are taught to be quiet
Punishment for doing anything other than silence
Encouraged to take place in violence
Stripping us from the history of our migrants
Our language, our dance, our melody, our religion was taken but you don't care
I wasn't on that boat 1617 jamestown virgina but I'm right here
You used the word race against me and now you want the word to disappear
So I can act like racism isn't over me like chandeliers
Excuses my tears
But i can only imagine what my people fought for all those years
I feel sorry for 98 percent of my peers
Because society has blurred our vision to where we will never have the chance to see things this clear
Clear as in the clear they want me to see the word race
Did every group of people get the word nigger thrown in their face
Im guessing the word RACISM doesn't exist in this state
Before I learned my history I felt the same as you
But now that I have I'm just saying they want us to not see race to erase the history that is hidden from me and you!!!

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