Race Debate



Part 1

It sure would be great to solve the race debate,

But before you choose a side put down your pride and hesitate,

Good and evil is not for us to decide that is up to Heaven’s Gate,

And for Heaven’s sake can we just check the hate and let the truth resonate and meditate with the facts, no more opinions no more bias and no more liars, racism is still alive but its not universal,

Not every white man is righteous and not every black male is trying to hurt you and its no longer safe for kids to stay out past their curfews cause we all want money power respect and we traded in all our virtues,

We don’t wake up and pray each day that our sons stay safe, from lightning strikes a tornado or hurricanes its people… God shake your head at what we’ve done for its from each other that we run.. We’re scared of people..


Part 2


It sure would be great to solve the race debate, but our fate relates to an innate hate and propensity to discriminate against those eating off of a silver plate or those who push weight to get themselves out of a section 8.

Those who say that history repeats itself have told no lies, and those who have read the textbooks shouldn’t be surprised, that ethnicity is once again prescribed to be the only difference between one who has survived and one who is alive.


Amnesia. We all have fucking amnesia. Let the truth hurt, enough of the politically correct anesthesia, pray to your deity whether it be Jesus or Shiva, Allah or Jah, Johova or some astrological supernova, the Tao of Ying and Yang or if you follow the Buddha and believe that all is subject to change ask the question: how did we get back here again?

 Did we forget about Dr. Martin Luther King?

Did we already wake up from his dream?

Did we forget about Rosa on her bus, or are we going to pretend that it never picked her up?

Imagine if Ruby Bridges skipped school and instead she slept in, imagine if W.E.B. never picked up his pen?

I could take you back since we all clearly want to relive this again, so lets retreat from the streets of Ferguson, Michael Brown is alive and well and Darren Wilson’s never shot his gun, Trayvon Martin before his pack of skittles George Zimmerman is still angrily pacing, Oscar Grant saying his last good nights before heading out to Fruitville Station, rewind to a time before Rodney King was assaulted in front of the nation, lets take it back before Jackie Robinson was allowed to steal his bases, previous to Jim Crow Laws so prior to segregation, preceding the 13th amendment thus skip passed the Emancipation, nearly 100 years before is when we made our Independence Declaration, antecedent by 100 more would be when the 1st slaves arrived in Virginia for proper exploitation; That’s nearly 400 years of aggravation on plantations, humiliation due to discrimination, unjust incarcerations racial assassinations, litigations leading to potentially progressive legislation and yet I ask: how did we get back here again?


Part 3

It sure would be great to solve the race debate, but this is more than black and white,

This is more than what is wrong and what is right,

This is more than crooked cops with pointed guns, this is about more than just justice for what has been done,

This is about more than protests and riots, this is more than shooting officers and setting cars on fire,

This is about more than an answer more than a conclusion, this is about more than a war more than a revolution,

This is Nelson Mandela harmoniously fighting apartheid, this is Desmond Tutu campaigning alongside, this is the Dali Lama promoting non-violence towards the Chinese, this is Mahatma Gandhi catalyzing change through peace, this is Vietnam when a man refused to fight by the name of Muhammad Ali, This is fighting with intelligence and poise like the great Socrates,


You see, this is more about a lack of love than it is about hate, if we all had love we might be able to end this great debate,

Love yourself enough to love another,

Love yourself enough to love thy brother,

Peace Love and Positivity will set us all free, If you can’t find love than select Respect and let it be.

Because race would make no difference if you have nothing but compassion in your heart, I’m not saying I have all the answers to this problem, but I do know that love would be a pretty good place to start.


-Ryan Anthony Dube


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