"The R Word"

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 20:29 -- terynn

Terynn M.




Oh, stigma.

Where it could possibly originate from makes it an enigma.


See, but that’s a long story.

Even a bit gory.


Being born with or developing a disability,

One is automatically subject to scurrility.


“Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,”

Buck vs. Bell left the eugenics to their own sights.


A better world they said,

Might be better if all their future children are dead.


60,000 sterilized without consent,

All because the industrial world wouldn’t allow them to pay their rent.


The jobs required too much from them mentally and they gave them no aid,

Inefficient workers don’t exactly get paid.


The United States, United Kingdom, isn’t it ironic?

United countries are the least harmonic.


An old American ideal proclaiming opportunity,

Everyone is on their own, creating a self-centered community.


Still seen as a failed attempt or just plain dumb,

People with disabilities were forced to live in the slums.


Lump summed up with the mentally ill,

Trying to cure the issue with a little pink pill.


Never caring enough to actually help out,

It wasn’t until the 70s for someone who was legally devout.


Kennedy creating the Panel for Mental Retardation,

With that term came a new situation.


Retarded was used as an insult meaning slow,

Trust me, we still have a long ways to go.


All throughout time and even still now,

Pick on the unassisted and begin a row.


All it really is is the lack of awareness and education,

And finding the right step with each inauguration.


Kennedy was the beginning of legal reform,

Following him, new rights began to swarm.


Organizations like Best Buddies come to the surface,

Doing a good deed to provide the service.


Providing leadership training for independence,

Job integration programs with corporate attendance.


Kids in Standard education and kids in Special education becoming friends,

With their program, the stigma may come to an end.


All it takes is the proper knowledge.

Give them their well-deserved homage.


Nobody is above the information,

Because of it, everyday we have a more socially aware population.


You can be incredibly intelligent, may attend Harvard,


Tell me, when is the last time you said the R-word?

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