Réquiem For Holier Dayes.

Nostalgic seems to be a scent lacing the air.
If only whilst being engulfed,
nay ensnared fathoms below the initially perceived windows analytically.
Just before sleep takes us with celerity, for in absence line 5.
In your attendance gravity be defied
Though when ocularly fixed on,or In the gaze of that hidden gem,
Unwavering infatuation melded to caution a briefly chief point limplored..

Exotic, yet duelly named minute Clerically, so worshiped emphatically,
Pride and shame flashed, few gulps for air gasps..
Scarcely engulfed in moments that Lift,
To often victim to gravity, quilted to the flow

Remains of aesthetically beheld, Revered, Feared,
Habitually noticing the odd and deducing observations conducted.
Distance closer to sedation, expository inquisition impaired,
Alongside elites trained for this type of War that designed unfair.

To look elsewhere. For in the moment when platonic ...became methodic, the purchase maroded, the words embroidered condensed in infernal reciproca tenebris. Latin American culturally bringing to their youth, what the taught lack prior to shriveling,
The skill missed is the thought, the idea, erased from the mind before ink or graphite etch it into existence.

Bring forth your shine, escribe it , Unable to be unetched now you can consider this line gifted.
Palmed fauna anticipating a time when you’re down,
Above the soil wilt thou be, in excess peculiarities, inverse of apathy, physically lifted.
My Fauna for that reasonably under seasoned urge to C..ope.

My Hook for that Western ordeal on a bus when
The straw holding > merritt over the camel.
.thought complex once, maddening if only ever in correlation to ballerina outfit.
That winter with you one seat from the dore and I triple that distance before thee.
Magnificent the shadows in the flames ignited before the walls.

Unclaimed by the frozen flakes we find ourselves below.
Whilst you weeping nevertheless, a potent deterrent,
Roused me from slumber thespian skills utilisé exploring dreams.
Neither the holiest of the Clerically inclined.

thine thicket bushel atop the shoulder of the futures entwined.
Only 2 & 3 steps nearing a ledge, tenere spiritum.
Listening less for barking more for ideas cultivated toward action inducing.

In conclusion postpartum due to the abstract flotation.
Cart jumping, delivery to the concepts hastily developed,

TML whomsoever abscond with or have glimpsed into a requiem for one holier day.
Prayer for the tardy, for the crime of the pair from whom you spang..
For in your youth the winter is a span of cold..In flourishing it is prelude to summers warming rays.

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