Quilted Tercet

Quilts timeline family stories

We familiarize the present with the past

Every time we breathe


Squares of dialect

Spools of dialogue

My future


Patterns of data

A synthetic composition

Which many can recite


My future

No different than the one

My parents got the first time


They saw the curves of Lady Liberty

Means of revolution defined

Everything had been thought


Everything had been done

Divisions established

Fires flamed for every wood






All once resurrected from ashes

Originality has

An expiration date


My future a lullaby

My generation deaf

Carousels to death tunes


Jack O’ Lanterns

Juxtaposed Judas

Election day is Halloween


Vote for the best poser

Dampen my future

With premeditated blood


Marks of employment strike

Today we call it hard work

Yesterday they called it slavery


Maybe tomorrow

There will be a union for the unequal

My future will recycle


Shades of a fading rainbow

A generation learning

Pot of gold never


Glimmers bright

Iced happiness

Tears never run dry


For sins executed

Before the acknowledgement of time

We reap twice as much for liberty lashes


Sew our loss-  this quilt of inevitability

The most boring future awaits

Children who will choke on dust when they read


Anxiety at eighteen is promised to fade

No need to ask at what price

A scantron sheet of choices all around


Adults puppeteered by children

Bodies bombarded with green paper guilt

Credentials coveted by best friends


Drunken smiles meet the expectations of every spectator

Sewing their story since the womb

Pick whose knot is easiest to hang from


My future battles oblivion

A melting pot of extinction

There are no more missing links


No new wonders of the world

Every happily ever after boy or girl

Irony caught on tape


My future will be the past in high definition

Explicit flick           X- amount of years ago

Everyone would not have been able to see it


My future will not be color blind

Too many overlapping patches

Attempts to save the quilt from stains


White distorted truths and diluted juices

Already know the flavor of the Kool

Aid they created


We are all M&M’s inside

Makeup of obligated victories

Treasured tragedies  


Quilt covers all things that make us weep

Mishaps carried through patterns

My future will not have mercy on us


Thick filling of regurgitated tufts

Before I can stitch ‘I have lived’

I’m afraid my future is in shackles







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