Quietly Loud

I am always here, but never knownAlways bent, but never broke,Always lonely, but never aloneI am always quiet, but never mute. I, the one invisible to the world,Dreams of place where all is known.If I speak, none shall hear,For I am the quietly loud one.  I walk the crowded streetsOf the harsh-voiced city,Where people push, pull, and prod,But they never do say sorry. I, is the one who all take for granted,They all tease, rag, and mockBut she never minds,For she is quietly loud. I sit there, surrounded by people,But I have never felt so alone.People keep talking without knowingYou on the inside, deep into your soul. Surrounded by obliviousness,I fall apart piece by piece,Dying a little every time I think about what the future beholds,I want to be known before I disappear into an unknown world. Everyone scars with words,Without knowing the damage and hurt,They never knew how you felt,They never knew you had tears that would go to waste. I have always been standing against the harsh words of life,The rough tides of the sea of hurt,And the painful truths of me,For I am still fighting to be Quietly Loud.

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