A Quieted Heart

Mon, 09/21/2020 - 23:15 -- Casey47


 A Quieted Heart


I sit here now, quietly. 

The tears have stopped, mercifully,

yet the pain lingers, mysteriously,

despite what I tell myself, consciously.

For we took our vows religiously,

and I loved you, almost piously,

and you used that love abundantly,

until it was used up,


Then you cast me aside, unwittingly,

leaving me to deal with life, unexpectedly,

and I hated you so completely

that my hate spilled out enormously,

and encompassed all,


And I looked at none trustfully,

for I felt none had integrity,

and I spat my hate vehemently,

so that no one tried

to reach out to me.

Then I found myself so empty.

No room for hate was left in me,

and I looked again, regretfully,

at all I had hated so immensely.

And I cried to God to free me,

and help me see humanity

in the light that shown so brilliantly,

before you stole my heart from me.

And God heard my cries, so pitifully,

and granted my prayer,


and I sit here now,








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This poem was inspired by a broken heart. It came to me as I was sitting in Church, and the words started forming.

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