Quick intro :P

Tue, 03/01/2022 - 14:12 -- Moscamo

Hi I’m moscamo {REDACTED} and I’m a {young teen age here}.I have adhd,autism,depression,and anxiety (all professionally diagnosed (adhd-when i was 6 and the rest last year)).I’m not really good at anything tbh but I am a creator and I call myself that cuz I

  1. Am a young poet

  2. A amateur artist

  3. Have a god complex (not really but I’m a system and have a god as a protector)

  4. A youtuber (don't really post a lot)

About the system thing I am the host (I as in moscamo),death and kurloz are the protectors

 Sollux and Boris are the trauma holders and Gamzee is just there.

Yeah so that's my weird brain.

Thanks for reading


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