Questions of Self


United States
38° 45' 27.0612" N, 77° 7' 52.5324" W

Essences of my thoughts
Cascade across eyelids like
Galaxies resting on weathered smiles.
Mouths are shackled by broken
Hinges of misunderstanding;
An unaware psyche.
Embalmed mannequins positioned in a
Ballerina's grace beckon
For an answer,
For tongues become entangled in
Carefully chosen qualms;
A mixture of fantasy and reality.
Musty ears arch in hope of ascent as
Questions align within a disoriented heart.
Spiraling heads, delicate and powerful,
Are my existence like
Raindrops that become daggers inside
The Hurricane's grasp.
Bodies intertwine in Gravity's pull,
Guiding energy to a single point;
The apex of this moment,
My conscious birth.
Amidst infinite knowledge
Through the senses of the
Universe, I still don't know
Who I am.


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