Questions for a Giant Squid

is it ever lonely

being surrounded by so many

even though you are all alone

staring, unblinking

into the darkness of the deep


do the scars ever hurt

steeped in salt

and punctured by whale bone

from the mammoth fish who tried to eat you

mistaking you for easy prey

though you are far from defenseless


do your legs ever get tangled

when schools of tiny silver fish swim through them

bumping around blindly in the dark

trying to find their way home

wherever home is

in this never-ending midnight hour


do you feel inadequate

not being able to glow

but being surrounded by luminous moons

and bobbing stars

flashes of silver the only source of light in this starless galaxy


are you bothered

that you will never feel the warm rays of the sun

that your skin will never be shocked by the dryness of the air

though it is tinged with saltwater

that your nose

(if you have a nose)

will never sense the sweet perfume of spring blossoms


and yet

you will never see the four horsemen

for horses can not breathe underwater

you will never choke on the taste of iron and ash

your only colors will be blue and silver

never red or black

and one day, you may taste salt in your water

but it will not be from blood shed by your own kind


perhaps it is better to be where you are

in the deep

in the dark

a silent movie in silver

swimming peacefully

gliding from one dream to another

never waking

yet never sleeping

you guard the twilight

and stare, unblinking

into the darkness of the deep


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Our world


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