Questions: First Conversation

As the taste of wine leaves our lips and we put our glasses down, I pound you with a question like “what should we do now?” You retaliate with “what do you want in life?”

So I’m caught in a bind and say “I want to change the world with this gift that I’ve been given, be a spokesperson for all men, children, and women, and also gays, disabled and the mentally and physically crippled, lend an ear when they’re down about life cause it’s not always that simple. Travel the world and explore what it has to offer, laugh with a beautiful girl who could perhaps be a future wife and mother. Fall in love with her mind and personality, anything troubling in her past; I’ll try my hardest to see if I can help banish it. Maybe I’ll learn something about her like perhaps her favorite flower, what music she prefers, or her favorite super power. Have a couple of rascals up in our little castle maybe even a pet or two, a lot of hard work but nothing that we can’t handle. I’m not even worried if we don’t like the same specifics as long as she knows that my ears are always open and hell I’m also not too shabby at giving forehead kisses. Maybe ask her if she’s a partier or a Netflix every night type lady. I’ll ask her if she smokes cigarettes or if she Mary Jane’s it. See if she drinks hard liquor or if beer and wine are more her forte. I’ll figure out if she has a goofy hidden talent and try my hardest to exploit it, playfully that is.

Now that you asked me about life, it’s my turn to ask you. What’s your favorite book? Do you have any tattoos? What is your dream vacation? When you were a kid, were you calm or a hell raiser? Do you like Daisies? How about Tulips? Or maybe Lilies? If I invited you to a rap concert would you go with me? Are you more for Batman or Superman’s image, even though Bats could whoop his ass by using a little shard of something so kryptic. Do you like X-Ray vision or the one where your eyes turn red and you can burn things like eggs on a skillet? What’s your favorite show and how do you usually watch it or do you usually go out with your girls until one of you is pretty nauseous? Are you fascinated by the universe and what are your views on religion?

Your glass looks low, so while you think I’ll go ahead and refill it. That way I can just smile at you while you amaze me with your answers and all I’ll do is listen.”


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