By: Brandon Olmos


We raise our hands,

for an answer we demand.

One by one,

Almost all,

all but one.

One who was afraid,

afraid to speak his mind,

all the teachers and students left him behind.

There he sat,

twiddling with his thumbs,

only because he was scared to look dumb.

As all the students seemed to progress,

the one who didn’t raise his hand,

failed the test.

Just because, he didn’t raise his hand

he was left voiceless,

feeling insufficient,

like a grain of sand.

Lost in a sea of intelligence.

Stood this lost boy,

in belligerence.

Angry at the world,

full of questions,

he was answerless,

Yet even when he did have some answers,

he seemed to not understand,

and still had no courage to raise his hand.





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