Insanity lurks on the outskirts of my mind

. . .

Yonder, lagging yet yonder

Only now my eyes are blind

Unable to comprehend my thoughts

Racing, forever relentlessly racing


To a place yet to find

Wherever I go, wherever I turn

Out there or deep within me


Eyes, I feel eyes staring

Yet all look the same

Eyes staring, blank faces

Shouting questions of blame


Are you still staring, seeking my eyes

Replaying the frame, eyes and blank faces

Erstwhile forever a thought I once cared


So many questions remain just in kind

Ornately framed on a wall in my mind  


Dare I not look intensely to what lies beyond

Eloquently hidden in your still, still heart

Are the same questions lingering there

Dead to feelings that once was a part


Thus I have been blinded, or so it seems

Oh what a miserable, sad state to be


My eyes are no longer able to see

Everything once we shared in me.


This poem is about: 
My family
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