Thu, 04/10/2014 - 21:44 -- Khozmes
Her stride so poised
She floats with every step she makes in her nude Pigalle heel
Demeanor, so regal it demands respect
Hips jerking from side to side, she studies your eyes as they take note
She's not participating in your argument 
Cuz she's not your property nor your investment 
Address her properly if you don't know her name 
Cuz your derogatory slang will never hold as much weight as 
The crown atop her mane
But you've already got your mind made up 
And continue to presume her nature 
Scrutinize her bodily confidence
That excess fat that molds her curvature and reigns victorious
Your words,
The ones that pierce sharp like a poisoned dagger
Detach each ounce of her being
Illiterately stumbles through the script of her DNA 
Skimming through the pages in her mind 
Wasted space, you will only be wasted time
There's more to life than tastelessly stained sheets
Than what your false advertisements really mean 
Shes not a bitch, thot, slut, or freak she's a queen,
Cuz if she were to be naive she would answer you back
Give you the satisfaction that you've won this powerless game of being "the one"
To make her into your "something to do on those lonely nights"
Her beauty is captivating 
Peculiar almond eyes to match her oval face
Speak to the woman and realize you have nothing in common 
It's just based off aesthetic taste 
If only she could
Erase the mentality 
Prudence struts but is labeled a Jezebel of the night
Responding to kitty cat calls is not engraved in her nature
To give you sexual gratification is not her staple
Just hoping to navigated young derailed minds
Detouring the damaging depictions of a females grace
A body that's been made a playground to rapist 
That's been shamed by the threads that hang down her shoulder
Like silk on saddened hangers
The queens wear their skin in confidence 
A skin that can not be shamed by others
Our body is our kingdom
Don't sit back and watch as it is destroyed 
We are the queens,
If only we could change the stigma.


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