Queen of 'I'm Sorry'


Lately there's been a lot of talk about princesses
Princesses are kind, loyal, honest, and beautiful
I am not a princess
I am a Queen
I used to be a princess
All the queens were once princesses so very long ago
But now I am a queen
It's kind of a long story,
Of how the princess of tear stained pillows 
Grew up to be the queen of 'I'm sorry'
But that's not important
What's important is that I am a queen
I earned my title, and I still am
I'm sorry my poetry isn't standard
I'm sorry I don't have all that much to be mad about
I'm sorry I'm not like everyone else who labels themselves as individuals standing out from the crowd
I'm sorry I didn't write about something beautiful
Because we all need to be reminded that there is good in this world too
I didn't because the words that most resonate in my mind
Are 'I'm sorry'
I am not a princess
I'm sorry about that too
People like princesses better
Because princesses have to be saved, they're allowed to be scared
They must be protected, they need a knight
To fight off the dragon and pull them from the lion's path
I am not a princess
I am a queen
There's a big difference
Queens are the princesses that never got a knight
The ones who learned to protect themselves and hide their fear with courage
We got really good at it too
Queens are the ones who are knocked down every day 
And every day stand up, look the haters in the eyes 
And say 'shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, because I rule your punk asses!'
I am a queen
My heart makes the lion look a coward,
My voice makes the dragon tremble
I don't need a knight, the knights need me
I am a queen
I am the queen of 'I'm sorry' but that does not make me weak
I'm sorry you're so insecure you have to pick apart the threads of all the goodness around you just to feel like you stand a chance
I'm sorry you hate the world you live in, but guess what, I live here too
I'm sorry you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but you would if you'd look harder
I'm sorry you don't like the words I say, but if you feel that way, the door's right there
And I'm sorry I don't quite fit your definition of a queen, one who has inherited royalty by birth
Actually, I lied about that last one
I'm not sorry
Not in the least
But you should be ashamed that you don't fit mine
Because a queen is someone that the world needs more of
All the little princesses need to know that they can look after themselves 
That a queen is far better than a knight
That royalty does not run in a bloodline but through the veins of everyone who can find what they're best at and be the best at it
And if it's 'I'm sorry,' then at least learn to turn 'I'm sorry' upside down, and the world will turn with it
I'm sorry there aren't more queens
I see the beginnings in nearly everyone
I'm sorry if you don't  


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