A Queen

Eyeliner accents the eyes of a woman who seeks. Stilettos and the finest dress compliment her silhouette. The time and preparation endured has come to a close. Patiently, her reflection whispers an uncertain tone asking for approval. Yet there is no answer. A night of lasting memories is in store. 
Laughs, the mysterious beverages and smells from a small glass only bring slight comfort to her conscience. She feels pretty. Pretty to say the least. Something is missing. Her place has not been found.
By the standard of Ties And Dreams, Pretty is temporary. The world pauses for a pretty woman, however it fades in time and becomes her-story. Being Beautiful is rare. A woman that is beautiful contains the spirit of morals, guardianship, love, compassion, loyalty and only seeks out the richness of life with those around her. Beauty is a legacy. Pretty and beautiful simultaneously is unprecedented. 

"May the world envy the pretty woman, but the heart of a Queen lives forever,"
-TD Editor

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Our world
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