Que Arte!!

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 16:54 -- gab1295


Que Arte!

Bright colors fly

Men and women sing

Twirling and spinning

Has always been my thing.

It began when I was five

I watched my mother prance

And began to ponder deeply,

“Should I pursue dance?”


Folkrorico meant hopping,

Skipping, and big smiles,

But I found it exhausting

And it just wasn’t my style.

My uncle told my mom,

“This just isn’t her thing.

I’d like you to meet Chiqui.”

So my mom gave her a ring.


My first day was nerve wrecking,

At least what I recall.

I was a shy little child,

And everyone else seemed so tall.

My mom said, “Don’t be scared

You’re going to be just fine.”

So I slowly walked in

Without a tear or a whine.


13 years passed

 And now I’m considered a pro.

The others ask me questions

And make me perform in shows.

Uncertain, I still help them

With steps that still confuse

Using Chiqui as my guide

To correct steps that I use.


13 years passed

And now dance creates restrictions

Keeping me from school work

And Orchestra commitment.

As Historian of Art Club

I simply have no time

To continue dancing my heart out.

I must move forward in life.


As heart breaking as it is,

I simply cannot stay.

So I bid Flamenco adeau

With a loud and proud, “Ole!”





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