Quarter Notes Help Me Whole Rest

Always my safe place,

I remember from a young age

The power of the notes I sang kept them at bay


The lies

The stress

The sadness

The depress


Ion only half knows my name thanks you to quarter notes.


In my time of pivotal development,

Quarter notes assisted me in Erikson’s psychosocial stage of social acceptances and my search for an identity

As they gave me a family I could always depend on in my darkest of times,

On which I had to dream of nights underneath the light of the stage and the roar of the crowd, to find my out


I owe my family to the quarter notes.


These chords I strung

The progressions I play

And the harmonies I sing,

Unlocked talents and a method of coping that has never failed.


I am alive, thanks to the quarter notes


At points, I took their magic for granted

From my teachers verbal tongues lashings towards me for my childish tendencies

To delaying musical aspirations,

For assurance of comfortability in a capitalistic society


I almost gave up on quarter notes.



On days like this

Where confusion lives rent free in my head

And heartbreak in a natural disaster inside of me,


I rely on the quarter notes.


To soothe me

To relax me

To remind me,

There is a life outside of this


To protect me

To reward me

To remind me,

To curse death with both fists.


Every day I live by a creed,

That, without fail, helps me evade death,

The conditions of my heart and the unbalance in my head will never completely kill me.


These quarters notes help me whole rest.

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