Quality Education


Education They Say Is An Enlightening Experience
It Is Present All Over The World But Most People In Africa Can't Harness Due To Negligence
African Youths, We All Need Quality EducationThat Will Lead Up To University Graduation
An Education Which We Have To Study Hard To Even Pass Our Examination
But How Can There Be Quality Education? When The Educational System Has Too Much Corruption, Like Spying And Bribery. How Can We Achieve It When The Gravity And Dishonesty Of Our Teachers And Students To Me Is Termed As Academic Robbery
Oh No! This To Me Is Cruelty
When I See My African Family In This Iniquity
But There Is A Remedy, We As Student Need Extreme Energy, To Fight Against This Social Malady, So As To Restore Sanity, Dignity And Education Quality

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My community
My country


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