A Puzzle Without A Top


United States
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Every birthday momma gave me a puzzle

Oh how I’d love to match up the pieces

The picture on the box forever a life saver

Completed each on with such ease

Imagine countless pieces

No idea of what they’re meant to be

Randomly shoving, sometimes stacking

The pieces don’t fit, but I’ll force them

These two look the same, which space is right?

Imagine countless pieces

No idea of where they should go

Oh just put them where they benefit you most

Too bad if they’re destroyed in the process

Now I’ve shoved, I’ve stacked, I’ve forced

There are no more pieces left

Let’s take a look

Wait, there aren’t any more pieces

How can the picture be incomplete?

There was no vision

Pieces thrown together without purpose

A puzzle without a top

To have goals and change is fine

However to never have a vision is dangerous

You might use all the pieces and never attain the big picture

What is a life without goals?

Simply put, a puzzle without a top 


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