The Puzzle

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 23:09 -- Band805


There are many parts to me





I feel at each deserves a place in my heart

For I would not be me without it

As each misshapen bit

Comes together and forms a whole


Psychologically speaking,

I am an ESFJ

Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging

Are the four components of my personality


I am a people person, and love to help others

Itake great stock in what those around think and believe

I have tendencie to be controling because I like structure

All three of these statements describe an ESFJ as well as me


Socially speaking,

I am a band geek,

A drama geek,

And a nerd


Band is my baby

I adore the people participating

I practice trumpeett to play terriffically

I support my underclassmen, the future


Drama is my child

This will be my 14th production

The stage is freedom

There is never enough time spent with my cast and crew


School is my profession

I strive to be valedictorian

I enjoy expanding my mind to the world around

I understand what is taught quickly and fluently


Competitively speaking,

I am a champion

I run cross country and track

I am a true member of each team


I qualified to Regionals in cross country by myself three years in a row

I qualified to Regionals in track with my 4x800 team two years in a row

I work had for my team and myself

I am always improving my skills


Outwardly speaking,

I am beautiful

I love what I see in the mirror

I know others admire my outward appearance

My long brown hair complements my light brown eyes.

My body shape is athletic yet healthy

My frame is petite

My head held high on squared shoulders



If you ask yet another,

The description would be quite different,

Internally speaking







These four traits have been conected to me

They describe this girl, I believe

There is one more thing I must say

This is very important


All these parts

The clubs, the looks,

The diagnosis, the books

All describe me


I accept the shape

As the list increases

Yet these are not labels

They are merely pieces


I am not one word

I am not one action

I am many speches

I am many events


I am a puzzle

A masterpiece that takes time to conjure

A beautiful work of art full of diferent sizes

Different shapes


I am happy with my work

I would not change one degree

And there are not enough words in the world

To describe Victoria Volpe


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