Put On Some Shoes

Her life, cut short,

But still, I would stay,

A home, ripped away,

But yet I would not sway

Harsh words, that cut,

But I care not what they say,

So what is it that keeps me,

From day to day?


I ask an empty room,

And I ask her too,

I ask anyone I can,

And yet, I don’t understand.

My hidden drive,

It keeps me alive,

But how can it be hidden from I?


Reach for the door,

Hoping to clear my mind,

And I’m not concerned with the weather outside,

But a voice rings aloud,

The voice of a mother no doubt.

“Put on some shoes” she softly chides.


“Put on some shoes”

A spark,

A flame,

A recollection of that very day.

A day like this,

Forced to stand outside,

To observe the what and the why

“My feet are cold”


“Put on some shoes”

A teacher’s note

“Put on some shoes”

A lump stuck in my throat

“Put on some shoes”

He cared enough to say,

Keep the note,  to remember the day.


I glance up to where that note remains,

Where cards, letters, and other things continue to hang.

A collection I have dubbed the “Happy Wall”

And each has a memory that is helps me recall


From an old neighbor,

A  two dollar bill,

Him and his comedy tapes,

Old tan drapes,

And an old bike with old brakes,

And the skittles for goodness sakes.

Such a kind man he can be.

The fact that he hates sweets, I can hardly believe.


A tag once on a sweater,

The cloth, the weave, and the shape suited me,

But the right size, it illuded me.

So I had another sent to my home,

And upon the tag someone had wrote:

“We are so glad we had this shirt for you!!

I’m sure you are going to look amazing!!”

The fact that someone had taken the time,

Just to write on a tag that would be mine,

Filled me with inexplicable glee.

This was written just for me.


Many more objects make up the “Happy Wall”

And with this wall I have it all:

Happy tears,

Old fears,

Memories I hold dear,

When I feel IT

Beginning to slip,

To trip,

To fall...

I remember, my “Happy Wall”


Little moments,

Provide a smile.

Little moments,

For a while.

Little moments,

Through every trial.

Little moments,

Keeping me here.

Little moments,

When the dark is near.


“Put on some shoes”

I say aloud,

So then, I don’t feel so down.


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