Puss and the Mouse

Once upon a time there lived a cat.

Though he was no ordinary tom cat,

for he was Puss in Boots.


With cunning ticks and an all to uncanny wit,

He had brought great fortune upon his mater.

Puss had deceived the king without souls knowledge,

And fooled the Ogre, taking his life and securing all that he left.


Now, living in the bliss that was well and good,

He did was any cat would do; chase mice.

Puss caught many  in the castle,

But only one is worthy of tale.


Puss patrolled the castle in his leg high boots.

Usually he was soft in step

Catching big eared mice without notice,

Yet there was one who he never caught; Jerry.


The constant jarring noise,

Echoing from deep in the castle

Was an untamable itch to Puss’s ears. And, so

He was dubbed jerry by the ever frustrated feline.


Soon the castle was a battle field.

Two forces at war;

The hungry enraged soldier

And the annoying, brilliant jokester.


Each scrambling to stay one step ahead

Yet jerry always had the upper hand.

Alas Puss, in order to gain an edge,

Gave up his boots.


It was a sad and gloomy day

But the results made up for it

Finally the bare legged cat,

Was in step with Jerry


Now the castle even more so a warzone.

Tables flipped, cushions torn, the kitchen a clutter

After a good while his master could not stand it,

So he ordered puss to stop.


And so he did.


Now we still remember this epic battle

For it has gone down in history;

Known by many as Tom and Jerry.



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