Pusherman (Shoot out to Curtis)

Im yo daddy

Im yo mammy

Im yo granny

On these streets


Im that doctor

Im that leader

On that fighter

On these streets


Im that nigga

Im that wigga

Im that lingering feel

from yo streets


Im that speaker

Im that seeker

I'm that sleeker

Version of yourself

On yo streets


Im that virgin

Im that vegan

Im that beacon

That illuminates

Yo streets


Im you

Im yo girl

Im that boy

Standing in the middle

Of yo streets


Im that papa

Im that  mama

Im that grandma

Languishing on these streets


Im yo healer

Im yo manager

Im yo soldier

Fading away on these streets


Im yo blackie

Im yo whitie

Im yo refreshing feel

That your doing good on these streets


This poem is about: 
My community
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jasper morrow

Love curtus Mayfield. Has been a inspiration for a long time. Who knows what you will get from this lol.

jasper morrow

Love Curtis Mayfield. He has been a inspiration and who knows you might like this poem lol.

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