pursuit of Holiness

when i close my eyes during devotional times

i see myself giving Jesus a pound and a hug

as i see this imagery, i also see satan trying to intercede by creating separation between me and Jesus

in that same image as my eyes continue to close, i see Jesus and i tag teaming in casting satan out of my cipher

devil is working even in my image

Romans 8:38 reminds me how God loves you and so do i, nothing can separate us from God's love

as i pursue my Holiness to you, i know there are going to be trials and tribulations

temptations of sin arise like people standing in the courtroom, listening to a judge who don't know the meaning of in God we trust

The Lord speaks to me about turning the other cheek in defeatng the oppression of sin that is no longer my master

my true master is the One who created me, you, and the rest of us

and it sure as hell ain't the devil

the Good Book states one who commits sin is a slave to sin

that's much more worse than a slavemaster like columbus beating on slaves in pursuing gold for his own greed

i need to continue my spiritual walk to You in Holiness where You love me endlessly

whereas people, even those who attend church can turn on me viciously like ravenous wolves

disguised in sheep's clothing

the day i accepted you as my Lord and Savior

this is the rebirth

where my old self died

the newness of life arose the way You rose 3 days later

moments where i know i'll come up small to Your glory

i won't flee like a coward and betray You like the benedict arnolds in this world only to be remember as a traitor

i need the quietness of my soul to be sooth by Your presence as i continue to walk in the pursuit of Your Holiness

i want to be a man after Your heart and not sin like david where i cherish sin in my heart that You would not have listen (Psalm 66:18)

i know You don't expect me to live a sinless life

You do expect me to take this path to Holiness seriously

pick me, send me like Isaiah to fulfill your prophecy

cleanse me of earthly nature in mortifying my sins to death

destroy the vitality of my flesh desires that is being distracted of all evil

it is only learning and cultivating spiritual growth

that we put the misdeeds of our bodies to death

though sins are not easily dislodged

persistence of faith will withstand the harships that can suppress the souls like a ton of weight if we allow it

i ask of You to not let the world squeeze me to its own mold

continue to transform me in changing my attitudes and ways of thinking

so i don't succumb to act like them

i want to act like You





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This poem is legit keep writing

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