Purpose for me


Finding a purpose was hard
I could see no path, no place where I belonged
Unbalanced in athletics, mediocre in academics
I had feared I would no longer matter
Yet I strove, I refused to believe I had no purpose
No reason to run or be free
I sought to overcome the pain, the loss and strife
I trained my body and my mind
Indifferent to the nay-sayers
The doubters...the fear
Once my goal became clear; time seems to slow,
 I could feel every muscle twitch in anticipation. 
that moment where I had to dig deep to overcome the fear:
That all my hard work would surmount to nothing
The funny thing about fear though,
In the heat of battle, you find out what you're made of,
you find out that you're stronger than the fear
I was surprised by my strength, and glad for it's presence
The crack of the gun signaled my race
It was time for me to shine
Time for me to find a purpose, to reach my goal
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