Purpose of life

Purpose of life

By: Alondra Martinez-V


The Instructor said,

Go home and write a page tonight

And let that page come out of you, 

Then it will be true…


I wonder how difficult it is?

Trying to figure out who I am.

I know its hard,but I am 17 years old,

Mexican,and born in the USA. My parents 

Migrated here so I could study and be somebody in life.

I am a person who is capable to complete my goals and dreams

And also make my parents proud.

I am a student who strives for success in school

Everyday and work pretty hard.

I am a person who was here for a purpose

I can’t explain. I was brought to the world to show the

People what I am made of. I have the pleasure to be in the USA 

And be an example in my race who can’t be in the position I am.

Many parents try to migrate to “El Norte”  and bring along with them

A bright future for their sons and daughters.  But today those dreams are

So fake to believe . So I stand proud because I am the voice of many

Mexicans and latino people who can’t be here. I am a role model for

Dreamers who can’t  dream yet.


It’s not easy to know what is fair for others?

Well me at my age, I am expected to get straight A’s

And not fail any class or else face the consequences.

But I guess it doesn’t matter to people what I feel being left

Out in places I don’t belong neither dare to be. But I  hear you all!

Don’t judge others, But first judge yourself .Many others

Hide pains  and pasts that can’t be left out in your head. 

I am talking to you?

Wait me who?

Hey, who is reading this page!


Well I  guess myself knows I am a person who likes to eat,

Write songs,listen to music, and do the math. I like to meet new people

And be a loyal friend, and also understand life a little more clear.

I like hip-pop,and rap from my favorite idols which are Post Malone

And TheWeeknd. But what I really like is to sing 

And forget about any problems or stress that impacted 

Me and my family.


I imagined that being mexican requires not the same thing as you?


But being creamy peach tan skin color is not capable of mixing with white?

The person I am can’t be other races neither people nor culture.

I can’t be mix with people I don’t know because their expression will be

“You don’t belong here?”

As well as many races can’t because we face racism.

Many people insulted and don’t know how these people suffered 

To be in the USA. 

But their ideas is just all man-made whites?

But just know that since I met you and any other person,they

Became a part of what I am. 

That means that I am free to be myself and be a Mexican American.


Well sometimes perhaps many different people might not 

Want me to be in this country for many countable reason.

But don’t be fool neither get upset because you choose a person 

Who is ready to face society.

I will learn more about the world and from other races too.

But our cultures and family will never be the same for our 

Distinct color and appearance . You will be more with free rights that 

Other people can’t ,but we will work together to make

Sure voices get heard,no matter what it takes to get discriminate

In order to change the world forever.


This is my English Page B for the world.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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