Everyone has a purpose in this world,

Everyone is here for a reason.

We all were put on to this Earth,

To find out what's life's meaning.

 For some it may take a while to find,

Not knowing what they want to do in life.

For others their purpose has already been found,

They're dedicated to the thing they love, similar to man and wife.


Finding your purpose isn't like playing a game of hide and seek,

No, see you're not going to find it like that because it's not really something to be found.

It's more of a spiritual feeling that you get, 

When you finally hear the higher power's message towards you, a message with 0 sound.


So what's your purpose in life?

Is it to be an actor, a music artist, or an athlete?

Or is it to be someone special who gets overlooked everyday,

Like being a teacher, a coach, or a loving parent?


I know what my purpose is in life. To be… inspiring. To make others happy. Not to be a role model, but to be the person you can depend on when you need help, be the person you can talk to when no one else is listening, be the person to shine some light on you when your life is filled with nothing but darkness at the moment, and most importantly be the person who inspires you to push yourself at becoming a better you day by day.


So find out what makes you happy and be dedicated at that day in day out. Do what makes you smile. Do what makes you laugh. Do what makes you happy. Smiles make me smile, laughter make me laugh, happiness make me happy. Inspiring is my passion.That's my purpose in life. What's yours?



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