This poem is called Purpose, and I wrote it to let everyone know that there is a reason that they are on this earth and no matter who tries to put you down just remember you are going to do big things with or without them. This poem was inspired by the song I Am Here by Beyoncé. So to everyone, we see you!

Purpose, yes there is a reason I am here
I will open my eyes and listen with a good ear
I will take in knowledge and put it all into play
For I will leave footprints in the sand on my judgment day
I will not be forgotten but truly missed
Yes I do have purpose, so listen to this
I am here for a reason no doubt about that
Bring sunshine and brightness to every place that I’m at
Making someone’s day and learning someone’s name
Making sure no one feels invisible, too fat or too plain
Securing everyone’s faith and making someone smile
Never being selfish and always going the extra mile
Never to be complacent, always striving for more
My life has a purpose; I’m built with wings made to soar
My name will not slip into oblivion; it will be engraved in every heart
Constantly bringing joy, I’ll make sure to do my part
Purpose, I have a reason to be here
I will not be put down and controlled by my fear
Purpose, there IS a reason for my existence
I will always work hard and maintain my persistence
Purpose, for there is a reason I am me
I am here! I am here! Look and see
My true purpose is to make sure I leave something behind
To do my job on earth, to finish my life delivered and signed
-XOXO Purposeful


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