Purple Sky


Because I've become a stranger to me

And I wonder what you see

When I'm not in your presence

I promise you, life is just a game of would you rather

But, there is something about those who can take your life away

without killing you

Why? Because you show me to myself

And you know what I've found?

The less you talk, the more you listen, the more you hear

Somebody's lies, cries

Plea, glee

Looking for a talent and I'm looking for a passion

Rolling papers in a windy place

And now I'm stuck with which would you rather have

The thrill that each one has a talent the others didn't or

That bubble that seem to only exist in time, Passion

Gawd, I hate forks in the road

I stand there for a second, get impatient

and sometimes I just go straight through the middle,

On the dirt path to nowhere, then I'd

Eventually I'd get lost and lose both 

I've just grown tired of working in grass when all I wanna do is play in flowers

Imprisoning you in my petty fantasies


Just blowing clouds into a purple sky..


_Leis Hart



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