Purple and Gold

I saw him from across the room
He looked like his mind was five miles away
His eyes were shinning like the morning sunrise
His soft blue shirt making his eyes pop.
He started smiling at the ground
His dimples growing on his face
He must be thinking about her,
that special girl that makes his life bright like the sun
She brings a bright mood with her wherever she goes
He's probably wishing he could see her
He wishes he could stare into her beautiful brown eyes
Or watch her pout when he tells her no
Only to make her smile when she gets her way.
He wishes he could see her just once more
One more time in her blue jean shorts, green shirt
with her favorite pink Flip Flops
What he would give for one more night
His eyes turn red and start to water
His dimples go back into hiding
He looks like he did when she left him,
for her new life,
the only thing she brings now,
is Purple and Gold.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice job
feels like a story
like the creativity in the words you chose
im a power poetry mentor

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