The night holds half of my soul;
The daylight holds the other half of my soul.
Night is beautiful;
Daylight is beautiful too.
God blinds me with the rays from the sunlight like he is trying
to pierce out my sins and purify me.
Somehow even when I’m covered in sin,
He believes I can be cleansed by his shining light.
The rays of God fill me up to the brim with warmth,
but I wait for the dark night.
The night --- that makes me sin.
Two sides in me.
Both sides split on one decision,
but forcibly pitted against their will.
To sin or not to sin?
To sin and be purged over and over again.
Is that not how we humans live?
Like going through birth and rebirth?
Experiencing light and dark?
Choosing Heaven or Hell?
Drowning in our sin and being cleansed by the light.
Is there anything more we could eternally hope for forever as long as we live except to be forgiven by God and purged by his son’s blood?
I think not.



You mention many dualities throughout this poem: dark and light, night and day, Heaven and Hell, sin and purification. While your words are evocative at times (particularly with "God blinds me with the rays from the sunlight like He is trying to pierce out my sins and purify me"), consider reorganizing your poem to reflect the dualities which you are exploring--using two stanzas, for example, or a string of couplets. A structure reflective of its content would make this intriguing poem into a strong poem.

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