Sun, 07/28/2013 - 22:50 -- matmaja


Until memories purged, until planets aligned

to rid of earthly desires and sins in mind

Nothing is given; a deathly sign                                                                                                                             

Only absence is the ultimate crime


As to astronomical sorrows, that which is precious

What is winning; what is lost; gained in the precipice

A place of infinite time with borders to never cross

Cursed to oversee: a surveying albatross


We are half killers, half torturers

Half martyrs, half engineers

We are witches, we are seers

Individuals also pioneers


That which is given, a mystical clue

Free from mistress uncertainty, the deepness in blue

Unlike the norm, the society welders, the triumphant prosperity

Broken from moral delusions; a corrupt sovereignty


We survey lands of Kings and Queens

Through pacts broken: rise democracies and republics

Nothing's changed, because righteous men

Are illusionists by trade and others commend


Until down is up, until wrong is right

They're trapped by the horrendous sight

The center of balance, forever unequal

All that is left is patience as we wait for the sequel


We ask you man, noblest of creatures

You lot, you heretics, you clergymen

You sheep herders, healers, inhibitors

We ask you, are you free with certain?


Through descent of savages, of men without reason

As if by law, the blood boils strong

When can you see? that salvation

Is but a moment's breath from insanity's song


When all is still, worlds will end

As one madman says some could apprehend

Not with a bang but with a whimper

That is true words, as destiny ordained

For in each of us, a black hole, each of us ever dimmer



 Act! Not by mandate but through your will

Not only by pure rhetoric or subliminal whims

Listen not to reason or the kindling of the heart

But to demons abound, the excess we trim


Only through corruption

Of all sound laws

Can you fall hard enough to break the barriers

Between said world to ours


Welcome to the purgatory

Land of the rejects, jesters. Of wise men: moral lepers

We are blessed to have avoided

The gates of Ignorance and drown in the swamp of Desires


We are the purgatorists

Denizens of the core stigma

Sons of bastards, Daughters of whores

Care to join?



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