Pure Texts

with eagerness

I lift up each page

heart beats fast

tenderly I hold each line

as I read each word

and read again

and again this time

searching for something

that has to do with me

Is it for me?

To me do this

word mean anything?

At least in my own thinking,

or so I thought

because only then

from those words

I could see you and get

to be close to you again,

again and again

those words are the

only way I could

feel your warmth

and nearness.

Only way I could

convince myself of

almost something real

from each page

I stick by these words,

I stay with them,

hold them close to mine,

swallow them whole,

inject them all to my senses,

‘til my laughs burst into tears

and tears into madness,

until these words

become parts of me

as if you were mine

and mine into you!

Ah, I celebrate these words

to life because

only through them

could bring you back

here and now.

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