The Pure Element of Poetry


Poetry is the air I breathe, the sacred serene sound of peace, the one and only complete atmosphere, where symbols provoke happiness or fear. Poetry is the route to the soul, the single factor that allows me to function, without and or but as an sophisticated conjuction. The act of unique creation, is the force of positive and negative correlation, where the mind conjures thoughts, while the hand subjugates motion, creating a product of perfect proporion. Poetry has many variables and visible paradises drawn, all depening on the mood that has been bestowed upon. With each rich breath I take and magnificiently swallow, poetry has only enriched its fellow father. My passion for poetry is one worth of notice, especailly with its efficient use of perplexed devotions.  As crucial as plasma in the blood, poetry serves as the fundamental structure, of life, peace and overall destruction of grammar and words thus symbolizing freedom, of soaring from the deep dark dungeon, departing behind all gruesome puncheon. Life and poetry mix together to form a bond, so coercing it speaks beyond the dawn, I write poetry not to fill empty space, rather to show the beauty that I embrace. The only defect of poetry is that it's completely "legal", despite those who utilize it to pat their own ego. Poetry is the air I breathe, the smooth yet complicated life I solemnly lead.

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