Pure Beauty

Wed, 07/19/2017 - 15:09 -- Rivzz

Even that which seems to be pure beauty hides its deepest secrets

For which the stars  shine only when not covered in the fog of the city lights 

Why to believe that the beauty of words become any more pure as we preach with the instrument upon our face 

yet decieve them by using our flesh for other arrangements 

Uprasied in a world where the moon lights upon all bodies but creates shadows for all souls 

The most beautiful angel even fell from the heavens for vanity corrupted his mind 

The eye isnt a sin but might as well have killed two birds with one stone 

As the brain is a wonderful organ of many abilities and touch doesnt fall too far behind

The vocals swayed upon my ears may mesmerize me for a couple of seconds, only to remind me of the chess game ive played before

Mastering the moves and over analyzing every step of the map 

The future isnt certain, engraved it in my soul, but I'd rather plan ahead than let the beautiful define my ways 

Covered up the beats of my life with titanium walls no words can define me or break me at all 

Beauty's befallen over the human body and mind; taken over all senses

Created new ones, destroying ideas of purity and yet I sit back and observe

Expecting to fold i've left them unknown, but the words within me erupt through my flesh and become almost radiant to the world 

How to believe that even the most beautiful moment hides a spec of dark

A second defines a day, a smile hides unspoken tears

How to believe that all that's said will equivocate, leaving  doors for different outcomes

Can't blame the master for knowing the game just blame yourself for getting played

The truths not far behind but the trusts' been broken to microscopic cells dispersed in bodies who've created the master 

through the course of the years 

So I sit and I watch as the words unravel the earth and the darkness consumes the beauty 

With  a single spark of hope I hold onto one soul that may show me its different 

But even that which seems to be pure beauty hides its deepest secrets

This poem is about: 
Our world


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